Silicone baby bibs | Best waterproof funny baby bib

When we have a new baby, we want to find suit baby bib. We may have many questions, Why need the waterproof silicone baby bibs? What’s the advantage of silicone bibs? How to use that?

When do we need a waterproof silicone baby bib?

We know the baby bibs are very necessary when raising a new baby. There’s some stage that needs the baby bibs to make a big help.

Drooling stage,

When the baby starts to drool. I’d like to congratulate the mom. It means your baby has grown up. When the baby is 3-6 months, the baby’s parotid gland will mature, saliva secretion will increase. We don’t need to bore with the drooling. When the baby grows up and the nervous system will also grow mature. Then won’t drooling then.

We just need to keep the baby dry to avoid drool rash. The waterproof silicone bib can help us. It is waterproof, can help to keep the cloth dry, even when too much saliva flourishing. The bib is with a pocket, no water can wet or dirty the cloth. Just use a towel or tissue scrub away the water is ok. The silicone bib is soft and lightweight (85g). It’s comfortable for the baby to wear the waterproof bibs at the drooling stage.

Teething stage,

When the baby is teething, there will also have much too saliva. We don’t need to worry about that. The silicone bibs are the perfect tool to barrier the saliva. And the food-grade silicone is a safe material. It is chewable. We also suggest silicone pacifiers and silicone teething toys. They can help to relieve teething pain and upset.

Training eating:

After 6 months old, we can try to feed baby foods and drinks. How to train them to eat? We will scare the food and juice will dirty the cloth. That will annoy us to pay more time to clean. Then we will highly suggest the waterproof silicone bibs.

With the silicone bibs, we can hand-off and not control the baby eating. The silicone bibs with a pocket, it can catch the falling food and spill easily. With the cute silicone bibs protection, we can train the baby eats by itself. All meals and snacks are all ok. We have more time to do other things.

At this time we also suggest the food-grade silicone bowl and silicone plate. It’s has a suction button, keeps the bowl or plate stick tightly on the table. It’s difficult for a baby to strike over the food. Baby pays more attention to the foods only.

How is the advantage of the silicone bibs?

  1. The silicone bib is waterproof, soft, comfortable to wear.
  2. The silicone bib has fashion design and cute pattern, both baby boy and girl love to wear.
  3. Food-grade silicone material, no-toxic, no-PBA, anti-bacteria, FDA appproved.
  4. Protect the baby’s tender skin. Keep dry and prevent drool rash.
  5. Inert material resists -50-230℃. It ok in the oven, microwave, dishwasher, and freeze.
  6. Durable material and adjustable neck button. Good silicone bibs can use for many years even for several babies.

How to choose a good silicone baby bib?

When choosing the silicone baby bibs, We should consider the material priority. The good material is very important. As we know the silicone has bioinert materials. The baby’s skin is very tender. The high-quality silicone baby bibs won’t irritate the baby’s skin.

Our silicone bibs are made by food-grade silicone. It’s free of BPA and certified by the FDA. Once get a silicone bib, we can put it in the microwave, see how is the performance in high temperature. A good silicone bib can resist 200℃

Besides judging the material, we should also try the sensor. A good bib should be soft, lightweight and comfortable to wear. Then try to tear it, it’s durable.

How to use silicone bibs?

Wash: Once getting it, we can use the cold water and mild detergent to clean it. Then disinfect it by boiled water or using the disinfection cabinet.

Dry: The silicone bib is very easy to dry. We can hang and air-dry it. Or wiping it by towel or tissue.

There’s an adjustable button. The bibs can be used from baby 3 months to 4 years old

The silicon bib is foldable. We can roll and store it in our bag, then bring it out for party, dinner, picnic or travel.

Conclusion: The waterproof silicone bib is very useful when baby drooling, teething and training eating. It’s with cute design and pattern, and comfortable to wear. Easy to use and clean. We suggest silicone bibs. Besides that, we also suggest the silicone teether, silicone bowls, and silicone plate. Welcome to your inquiry.

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