How to clean a phone case?

The phone case is an indispensable thing, most of them are TPU and silicone materials. After a long time, the mobile phone case will become dirty or even aging and yellow, so you need to clean it. This article will share the cleaning method of the mobile phone case, to the friends who need it.

6 tips on how to clean the phone case

Tip 1: Wipe with a damp cloth

Baking soda scrub phone case

If your mobile phone case is not very dirty, it is only slightly dusty, then you can use a damp rag to wipe the mobile phone case becomes cleaner, it is best to wipe it with baking soda every day or every week, this way Ensure the hygiene of the mobile phone case.

TIP 2: Toothpaste

Use toothpaste to clean the silicone case, and wipe it repeatedly with a lens cloth, which can also achieve the cleaning effect. Toothpaste is also a very good cleaning tool.

Wipe the phone case with toothpaste

TIP 3: Wipe with an eraser.

The eraser also has a good wiping effect on dirty materials. The soft rubber TPU mobile phone case can choose to use an eraser, which can be wiped very clean. After wiping, it can be washed several times with clean water.

TIP 4: Use detergent to clean the phone case.

Dishwashing liquid is also often used in life, and it also has a super effect to remove the dirt. Cleaning the mobile phone case with dishwashing liquid can remove the oil on its surface. If there’s some dirty substance, then you can scratch the dirty with hard things, that will make the phone case cleaner.

Dishwashing liquid to clean mobile phone case

Do not use strong cleaners. The high concentration of strong detergent will damage the silicone, do not use it. The following are some of the prohibited cleaning agents:

  • Household cleaner
  • Glass cleaner
  • Ammonia-containing cleaner
  • Cleaner containing hydrogen peroxide
  • Spray
  • Solvent

TIP 5: Use soap to clean the phone case.

For strong stains, you can use soap to decontaminate, first immerse the phone case in water, when the phone case is wet, wipe the phone case with soap, and then scrub the phone case vigorously, this will make the phone case cleaner.

TIP 6: Wipe the phone case with alcohol.

Alcohol has a strong sterilization and disinfection effect, and there will be many bacteria on the surface of the mobile phone case that is frequently contacted, so it is very necessary to clean the mobile phone case with alcohol.

Alcohol wipes the phone case

First wash the phone case several times, then put it in the basin, then pour the alcohol on it, soak it for a long time, this is very effective for cleaning the phone case.


If there are crystals, rhinestones or other decorations on the phone case, be careful when cleaning.

Maybe it’s time to get a new phone case

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